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Everything you need to know about the Aug. 20 election

The Aug. 20 election is referred to as the “primary election.” It is an unfortunate name as every registered voter has the opportunity to vote in this election. Read on for an explanation.

Party Primaries

Florida is a closed primary election state, meaning that a voter must select a party in order to vote in that party’s primary elections. If the voter does not select a party when they register to vote, they will be listed as a No Party Affiliate (NPA), and they will not be allowed to vote in any party primaries. To be able to vote in an August 20th party primary election, a voter must register with a party by end of day on July 22nd. This is also the last day for a new voter to register to vote.

Universal Primaries

However, there are times when all registered voters can vote in a primary election, regardless of which major or minor political party they are registered as or even if they are registered as NPA. If all the candidates for an office have the same party affiliation and the winner of the primary election will not face any opposition in the general election (i.e. no write-in candidates have qualified), then all registered voters can vote for any of the candidates for that office in the primary election. This is often referred to as a universal primary. 

Broward County has five universal primaries for the August 20 election. The candidate with the most votes for each race is the winner and is elected to that office on August 20. The elected offices with universal primaries are:

-- Florida House Districts 98 (parts of Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach and Oakland Park west of US 1)
-- Florida House Districts 99
(Wilton Manors, areas in western Fort Lauderdale through eastern Plantation)
-- Clerk of Circuit Court
-- Tax Collector
(a new position)
-- Supervisor of Elections

Nonpartisan Races

Also on the ballot for the August 20 election are nonpartisan races, meaning the candidates have no party affiliation listed after their name. All registered voters can vote in these elections, which include:
-- Circuit Court Judge
-- County Court Judge
-- School Board. 

For the nonpartisan races, a candidate must have 50% plus one of the votes cast to win that race. If there are only two candidates for a race, the winner will be decided on August 20. If there are three or more candidates for a race, it is quite possible that no single candidate will win 50% plus one of the votes cast, and the top two candidates will face each other in the November 5 General Election.


Remember to request your Vote-By-Mail ballot at

Get ready for candidate forums

Organizing candidate forums is one of the critical services to the community provided by the League of Women Voters of Broward. Office seekers tell us they know the League will be fair and well-organized.

Our Voters Services team led by Monica Elliott is already organizing forums for the important Aug. 20 election. During the pandemic we learned that participation was greatly increased by holding forums onlline. Then, with the video of the forum available afterwards, we could reach many more people than would attend an in-person event.

The League often partners with other community organizations in planning forums, which helps us reach more people. Upcoming forums in Lauderhill are in person. The other forums will be livestreamed on the LWVBroward Facebook page.

Once virtual forums are completed, you can see them on the Broward League You Tube Channel. The first two of the season, which you can now view, are for Circuit Court Judicial candidates and County Court Judicial candidates. The Lauderhill forums were in person and thus not on YouTube.

WLRN joins League in streaming forums

In a new partnership, the livestream of the League's virtual 2024 election forums will also be carried on WLRN's website.  WLRN Public Radio and Television is licensed to the school board of Miami-Dade County.

Do you care about education? Know the issues on the ballot

There are two consequential elections that will affect the future of schools in Broward County.

On Aug. 20, Broward voters will choose school board members. While the election is called a primary, ALL voters, including Independent (No Party Affiliate) voters, can vote on school board members. The League will sponsor forums for school board members.

Here's a handy checklist for choosing School Board Candidates

School Board Candidate Checklist in Spanish

On Nov. 5, voters statewide will decide via a proposed constitutional amendment whether they want to elect school boards members in partisan versus the current nonpartisan elections.  What difference does it make? Plenty. After careful study, the League recommends a “NO” vote on Amendment 1, so that school board elections remain nonpartisan.

Partisan school board elections mean Independent/NPA voters, of which Florida has 4 million, cannot vote in those races. Nonpartisan boards may have more incentives for collaboration and compromise. Furthermore, new legislation passed in 2023 permits candidates from outside your county to run for your local school board. They need to move only if elected. Non-resident partisan candidates may be unfamiliar with your local district and may choose to focus more on a narrow political agenda than on local needs.

Read the Florida League's brochure 
on Amendment 1 and its consequences.

Upcoming Events
Recent Articles

Speaker's Bureau ready for election

The Broward League is ready to schedule Decision 2024 talks via its speaker's bureau. Contact: or call 954-546-4484 and leave a message.

One of the most important ways the Broward League serves the community is through the dozens of talks it provides to churches, clubs, homeowner's associations and other organizations during every election. 

The non-partisan FREE presentations explain the important Aug. 20 election, in which critical local candidates are elected, as well as the Nov. 5 election and voting process. 

In November, there will be a series of constitutional amendments, which the presentation will explain without recommending or opposing any of them. These explanations describe what the amendment would and would not do and which groups support and which oppose the amendment. From this information, voters can decide their own view. 

Now is the time to schedule these talks. 

The League is also seeking additional members who want to be trained to make these presentations. Training will be held via Zoom at 5 p.m. Thursday, July 18.  Register here.  Contact the Speaker's Bureau at for more information.



You can request a Vote-By-Mail ballot until Aug. 10 at

You can sign up to track your Vote-By-Mail ballot at the same place.

See great talks from League meetings on YouTube 

If you missed any of our recent virtual meetings, you still have a chance to review the valuable information provided by our speakers.

Most of our presentations are on our YouTube channel.

In July, Rafael Olavarria, politics and migration fact-checker for, talked about how the Hispanic community gets news and information and how misinformation and disinformation spreads there.

In June, we learned why we are gathering signatures for the Medicaid Expansion and Right to Clean Water constitutional amendment petitions right now and not waiting until after the November election.

In May, Supervisor of Elections Joe Scott answered our questions regarding everything related to the upcoming elections.

In April, Dr. Gregory J. Mount, assistant chief resilience officer for Broward County, presented Water 101, an introduction to Broward County's water resources. 

These programs and previous presentations were recorded and saved to our You Tube channel. 

Attend our online forums for school board candidates

school board forums
Get informed and then vote!

Our forums for Broward School Board candidates will be livestreamed at 7 p.m. July 24 and 25 on our Facebook page . We're working with the Urban League and the PTA.

In a year when Broward Schools are discussing closing some schools and are facing other serious issues, it matters who gets elected. 

Noticias de nuestro socio, Factchequeado

Factchequeado is a partner of the Broward League that promotes media literacy and combats mis- and disinformation circulating in Spanish.

Este es un artículo en alianza con Factchequeado, un medio de verificación que construye una comunidad hispanohablante para contrarrestar la desinformación en español en Estados Unidos. ¿Quieres ser parte? Súmate y verifica los contenidos que recibes enviándolos a nuestro WhatsApp +16468736087 o a

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Request your Vote By Mail now and tell everyone else to do it too

Vote-By-Mail request is going to be an on-going topic for the next year. Even if you have heard or read this already, please do so again! Please spread the word!

First, all vote-by-mail (VBM) requests made for the 2022 election are NO longer valid. Voters don’t seem to realize this yet, so it will be a shock when VBM ballot packets don’t show up in voters' mailboxes.

You and your friends, family, colleagues, exercise buddies, etc. should request your VBM ballots NOW! You can do this online at, our SOE's website.  

Even if you don't plan to use the Vote By Mail ballot, request one as a backup in case something unexpected happens, whether it is a hurricane, societal event or a personal issue. 

Helpful hints when you complete the VBM request online:
  • You will need your current Florida driver license or Florida identification number or the last four digits of your social security number.
  • You will need to provide an email address.
  • On the screen that asks for your address, note it is asking for the house or building number for your residence and NOT the street number. For example, if your address is 17034 SW 209th Court, input “17034” and not “209.”
  • If you will be living outside of Broward County temporarily for a specific election, you can request to have the ballot for just that election be sent to your temporary address. 
  • Don’t want to do it online? Just call the Broward SOE office at (954) 357-7055.

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